Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chilean Chilly-Observations

This observation I have made on numerous event charts, when we observe a winding down like curve forming a resistance like line as shown below. Many times when you think the event is diminished, as shown here (often this is like a winding of a sring or spiral) where the method gives zero on 31st July, we get a great spike of earthquake as large often as the largest spike of the trend line. (if any of you has done stock market charting then you know what I mean...)I will of course continue to test it, but this has come up many times now, when I was not expecting an event a chart having a trend, and then when you do not expect it bang it goes and breaks up.... test it we will.
Below we show you an example with PNG where this line was shown as broken, in other words the system has picked it up. So it seems that sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. If there is a clear trend, and it does not show a break up then we will include that date just in case...
and finally an example for AUGUST 2016, for China I have just spotted. This one has not happened yet, so we will test it together and see if the 30th August is a day  for China, where the trend has broken. The system here has picked it up, but I noticed sometimes it does not. If not we should pay attention to such days as I said above.
and also for China today.....we had an earthquake there,  see the example below

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