Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Which Country Today?

Today 15th June 2015 we look at the prediction calendars to see which countries have an increased potential for earthuake occurance.
Bosphorus: There is a window opening for Bosphorus region peaking tomorrow 16th.
  • Chile: Similarly Chile opens a window of susceptibility peaking tomorrow 16th, so this is vulnerable.
  • Euador: Also Ecuador peaks tomorrow so even today is vulnerable
  • Greece: Tomorrow has a larger peak so the window of danger opens today.
  • Indonesia: Peaks today
  • Mexico: Mexico peaks today
  • Nepal: Nepal has a small peak tomorrow
  • Philippines: Today there is a peak for Philippines.
  • Edited...Afghanistan/Pakistan I noticed late that we have a peak yesterday 14th, so today it is still within the window of earthquake.

Be Safe Be Good!

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