Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hundreds attend two Nepalese musical programmes

A Nepalese national song performed by MCG artistes.

Weekends in Doha are always abuzz with Nepalese concerts, poetry recitals and community programmes. After six days of working diligently, Nepalese expats gather for these programmes, meet their friends and countrymen, entertain each other and rejuvenate for the next working week. 
Two such musical programmes were organised recently by Myagdi Overseas Nepalese Association-National Executive Committee (MONA-NEC) and Mitari Cultural Group (MCG).
The MONA-NEC programme was at Shalimar Palace. Singers Purushottam Gaire, Gagan Pun, Nisha KC, Debika KC and other Doha-based Nepalese artistes performed at the programme. The event was chaired by Ganesh Shrestha, while Ishwor Kafle, director of Basanta Films, attended as the chief guest. More than 400 Nepalese expats attended the programme. Proceeds from the programme went to funding a bridge in the Myagdi district of Nepal. 
Folk singer Debika KC performed one of her most popular songs, Paisa (Money). The crowd was so moved that they asked for an encore, which she happily obliged. 
Gaire, who also performed, said, “I am happy to perform in Qatar among Nepalese who love me so much. Most audience members here belong to the middle class, so I feel comfortable in sharing [my talents] with people from my class.” 
Gagan Pun performed five songs, getting the audience to get up and dance. Performing for the second time in Qatar, Pun said he was “thrilled” by the large turnout and the familiar faces. 
Nisha KC performed four of her songs. She said she was happy to perform here and that the programme will support a social cause back home. 
In between the main performances, the programme was made further entertaining through songs and comedy sketches by Qatar-based artistes. Recent winner of a singing reality show, Tanka Thapa performed a comic dance. Yubara Chatyal sang a soothing folk song, while Sarad Pandey assisted him by playing madal. Aruna KC performed two contemporary songs.
The MCG programme was organised at the Asian Town Cricket Stadium and chaired by Rit Kuar Shrestha. Umesh Adhikari, Sub Gulf Co-ordinator of the Non-Resident Nepalese Association-International Coordination Committee, was the guest of honour. About 600 people attended this programme. 
The programme featured the performances of Nepalese TV comedian actress Niru Khadka and folk singers Prakash Saput, Puja Puri, Bijaya Ranabali, Ramchandra Kafle, and more than a dozen Doha-based Nepalese artistes. 
The programme started off with the performance of pop and folk singer Bijaya Ranabali. He performed four of his songs, and briefly commented after the performance: “Even one great song can win the hearts of audience.” 
The main attraction of the programme was Rachandra Kafle, one of the most popular young artistes in Nepal. He performed seven songs, letting the audience decide what songs to sing. Fiercely energetic, Kafle said he never tires of singing. “If I get such encouragement from the audience, I can sing as many as 50 songs [in one go],” Kafle said, appreciating the response from the audience.
Kafle was followed by Prakash Saput, who rendered five songs. The theme of his songs was the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in April last year. Performing for the sixth time in Qatar, he said he was “thrilled” by the cheerful crowd he has encountered every time he comes here. “There is no shortage of audience in Qatar, be it small venues or large,” said Saput.”
Niru Khadka performed a comedy sketch on the recent topics of interest in Nepal. She was performing for the second time in Qatar. Binita KC and Nanu Ghale performed a dohari. Nanda Nepali demonstrated her talent with a breath-taking dance performance. Mina Magar, Vagbati Nepali and Tabita Gajar performed a Nepalese cultural dance, dressed in traditional attire. 
People came from all over Qatar to see the programmes. Subash Gurung, a fan of Ramchandra Kafle, said he was very happy to witness Kafle live. Some people even made time to attend both programmes — Hari Shrestha said he was thrilled to see two musical programmes on the same day.
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