Saturday, June 25, 2016

Crete Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is a vulnerable time for Crete too. The window of vulnerability covers tomorrow to the 28th for Greece. The map above shows the location of a few possible hot spots tomorrow. However one the Crete one is the most likely according to the software results hence the title of this post. We just leave here the others as we have not eliminated them or there maybe more than one, we will see.

Our software produced for Crete tomorrow a few locations and here they are on the map and the most likely below:

Date: 25th June 2016

35.4N 24.1E 

Approx time 20:00GMT

Magnitude approx 4R
You can read our methodology here

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1 comment :

  1. Magnitude ML 3.0
    Date time 2016-06-27 01:42:28.1 UTC
    Location 36.82 N ; 28.09 E
    Depth 69 km
    Distances 196 km SE of İzmir, Turkey / pop: 2,500,603 / local time: 04:42:28.1 2016-06-27
    51 km SW of Muğla, Turkey / pop: 48,183 / local time: 04:42:28.1 2016-06-27
    44 km N of Ródos, Greece / pop: 56,128 / local time: 04:42:28.1 2016-06-27
    17 km W of Marmaris, Turkey / pop: 33,731 / local time: 04:42:28.1 2016-06-27

    This one is spot on one of the three locations, not Crete, the other near Turkey...