Monday, May 23, 2016

The Planets --->What is special today?

Monday, 23rd May 2016, as you get ready to go for your normal weekly chores, take a minute and see what is above as it will help you understand what is below!
The backround: SATURN SQUARE JUPITER perfects today. Oh dear oh dear do we have to have this medicine! When the dinasours fight we better cover. Earthquakes, volcanoes, everything flies. So we will see how bad this is going to be by the end of this and next month.
Mercury today is STATION in Taurus. Not the best for this lad, not the best. The only consolation for Mercury who has been an absolue pest this month, is that he is at last going prograde! So we will endure this stationarity knowing he is going into his strength in JUNE. So he promises.
Sun conjunct Vesta in Gemini, gives a ray of hope for the Geminis but will bring earthquakes too. Venus is approaching the Sun, Mars opposite the Sun enhances the stress for some big earthquakes.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I expect 6.5R-7.0R conservatively today and on 26th surely by the end of the month, all based on what we see here on this chart. We will cope as we always do. Be positve Keep smiling Be Safe!
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