Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Planets Tomorrow Are Unique!

I would expect your day tomorrow to be different to today, as different will be the position of our companions in our solar system compared to today. In the background the barrels of 'gunpowder' due to Saturn square Jupiter, 'waiting to detonate', the Sun conjunct Vesta squares Pallas. In 9 days the Sun will oppose Saturn. While Mercury who decided to become  Prograde,  is still unhappy for the next month until 13 June. Uncomfortable he maybe but better than he was when retrograde. Venus however enters in a bad mood into Gemini in opposition to Mars, now entering Sagittarius. This is not a good combination and should reveal itself in earthquakes tomorrow. It is a few days before the Moon reaches 29th/30th May squaring Saturn and triggering and releasing some of their squaring angular momentum. I expect therefore some fireworks by the end of the month, but every day from now on will be giving a little more reminding us on places on earth how small and vulnerable we are in the solar balance. Time will tell, we will be watching them!

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