Monday, May 23, 2016


Sicily stood witness to an eruption from the nearly 11 thousand foot Mount Etna this past weekend. On May 21, only a few days after scientists had monitored volcanic activity, the mountain exploded in one of its most violent episodes in years.
The explosion was caught on camera and has gone viral on the internet. The activity actually began on May 17 when the sky above the mountain began glowing a surreal shade of red. The person who filmed the activity is Turi Caggegi, a videographer who has since posted the footage on his personal YouTube channel. Caggegi states that he filmed it just below the Voragine Crater.
While Mount Etna is known as a rather active volcano, it has experienced an increase in activity this past week. Due to the renewed interest, NASA has released an animated video that shows the volcano growing and shrinking over the course of many years. The chamber of the mountain sinks three miles below the surface of the sea, and it regularly fills with magma. It stands almost two times as high as Mount Vesuvius, and it would completely wipe out Sicily if it erupted at its full force.
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