Tuesday, May 10, 2016

'Jupiter Music'.

Special as it is the day today, we must admire what this morning has brought us overhead. Jupiter in harmony with Venus what a JOY! The best planets overhead in perfect harmony. Most powerful position of Venus in Taurus in top notch aspect with Jupiter who is not so comfy where it is, has STOPPED today to listen to her! Amazing thought! When Jupiter is station the solar system better watch it. Earthquakes occur not only on Earth. In fact we are probably lucky this time period. So, today the powers of the sky have Jupiter station so we will get soon a powerful earthquake because Jupiter has angular momentum second to none and the virtual standstill of Jupiter facilitates resonace on earth or on other planets. It facilitates the producing what I call the trombone effect, impossible not to be touched by the awe of Jupiters music, impossible not to be moved by it, impossible not to feel the earthquake. Fast moving  Moon in  lower gear usually plays the trigger mechanism, the fine tuning, the final push. Respect the skies above as the planetary forces are awesome no wonder our ancestors consider them as gods. So my friends, expect Jupiter's far away music, it will soon reach our ears. Be Safe Be Good!
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