Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dozens missing after Sri Lanka mud slide; Ecuador hit by 6.7 earthquake

ARNAYAKA, SRI LANKA - Heavy rains drenched villages in Sri Lanka's capitol, Colomba, causing major flooding and deadly landslides.
So far, 19 people have died, according to the Disaster Management Center in Colomba. Dozens more are feared to be dead.
Around 346,000 people have been affected; many of them are being sheltered in welfare centers.
Rescue teams continue searching and saving families who were buried in the landslide.
In Ecuador,  another disaster has hit. Remember that earthquake that killed 659 people last month? Well, the beleaguered country was hit by another quake on Wednesday morning.
The temblor, measured at a 6.7 magnitude, happened less than 100 miles from last month's disaster zone.
So far, no injuries or severe damage have been reported.
Hopefully, these countries can bounce back from these out-of-control conditions.
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