Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What are the likely earthquakes to the end of the month?

As the end of the month closes in, we cant help thinking April has been a terrible month for earthquakes and damages. April up todate has given us 21 earthquakes of >6R. This is hard. We had a 7.8R in Ecuador on April 16th, with all the destructions there and loss of life! We had a 7.0R in Kyushu in Japan with loss of life and destruction. We have now a few more days and worth keeping an eye on the rest of the possible days which are suspect of earthquakes.
Here is what our software produced for the few days we have left. See Earthquake prediction bulletin for April, and you will be able to check too.
The following are the countries to be a little more careful .

  1. New Zealand on 29th and 30th April
  2. Japan on 28th and 30th, especially 30th. 
  3. China on 28th
  4. British Columbia on 30th (looks like it is unlikely, but we will see)
  5. Nepal 27th 28th 29th but small risk here. (I expect nothing or minor)

Be Safe Be Good!

You can read our methodology here.

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