Friday, April 15, 2016

Toyota, Nissan stop production after earthquake

Toyota and Nissan have suspended production at two plants in Japan that export Lexus and crossover vehicles after an earthquake damaged two suppliers’ factories.
A body-part factory and die-casting plant – both operated by supplier Aisin Seiki Co. – were damaged in a magnitude 6.2 quake on Thursday that killed at least 10 people and injured hundreds, according to Automotive News.
 Operations at both plants were stopped immediately after the earthquake. The extent of the damage has not been assessed.
Toyota suspended production at its main Lexus assembly plant in southwestern Japan for both shifts on Friday and Saturday to assess its supply chain, Automotive News said.
The company said it will make a decision about resuming production on Monday.
Toyota also suspended operations at an engine factory and transaxle plant near the assembly plant.
Nissan, meanwhile, continued production after the earthquake and was operating on a normal schedule Friday. However, the plant will suspend operations on Saturday because of the damage to the supplier factory.
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