Sunday, April 10, 2016

Reconstruction of 1667 Dubrovnik Earthquake--SEE THE VIDEO!!!

Remember the 1667 earthquake in Dubrovnik? Unless you're a medical phenomenon, you probably don't. Care for a reminder? 
Novena, a digital studio in Zagreb published a graphic and very interesting 3D animated reconstruction of the enormous earthquake that shook Dubrovnik way back in 1667, it was one of two huge earthquakes to hit the territory of modern-day Croatia. The fascinating video gives us an insight into how Dubrovnik looked before the earthquake shattered the city on the 6th of April 1667, the damage it caused to the infrastructure and the buildings, and a flash-forward of Dubrovnik as we know and love it today. This unexpected and terrifying act of nature practically destroyed the city and it is estimated that around 5,000 people died.
Animators at Novena spent 3 months working on the project. The video, which brings to life not only the sheer devastation of the earthquake, but the amazing abilities of modern day technology; was part of the well-received exhibition “Stjepan Gradic: Father of the Homeland” at Dubrovnik’s museum.

Want to see what it was like to be in Dubrovnik, in 1667, while a massive earthquake hits? Feast your eyes and don't forget to show your support!
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