Saturday, April 23, 2016

Carbon Monoxide Emissions Link to Exoplanets.

We would like to share with you our latest discovery. New York, Sierra Leone, Bijing All have CO emissions as shown in the charts below right now and over the last few days. Their location is linked to Fibonacci lines. This to me this indicates a Planetary Generating Process. For example, Neptune is anchored oved Sierra Leone, Pluto over New York, and Uranus over Beijing. The slow move of the exoplanets maybe a reason why those emissions stay anchored longer over those regions. We think this is a good hypothesis and we will  further examine it.
At the moment the highest concentrations of emissions globally seems to be  in Sierra Leone. with 10320 ppbv. See chart below.

Why is that? The reason we think is we have a crossroad of important exoplanets. Saturn Jupiter AND Neptune are 'lurking' at the crossroads! That is why it is not a single spot of CO but two spots right now....Interesting?  Now I mentioned Crete over the last few days. The Chart below shows Uranus over Greece  for a while now, slowly moving on. This can be a reason for the Crete faults activated emanating CO, see the next but one Chart.

Crete emissions today...(23 April 16)

One last example left to the 'sharp minded' of you to find the reason as to its existence. I found a great explanation for you for the second largest emission of CO in the globe today which is at the edge of Mongolia. 46.72N 119.61E.
(Hint Think of Saturn)

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