Monday, November 23, 2015

Where are we likely to be shaken today?

Today we have had planetary aspects mainly between VENUS-MARS-EARTH alignment (yellow) which we posted an analysis earlier. We also have in the background SATURN - NEPTUNE Square (red). If we concentrate on those planetary aspects alone we show in the map the regions where we think may get some activity. Couple this with our predictions for the regions, we can see if they coincide. If they do, the likelihood of a strong earthquake is higher. It seems today we got a small earthquake 4.3R in China (where the prediction for today is for a small event) and another in Japan, 4.6R again a small one by Japan standards. The prediction for Japan today is for a bit stronger, but as we can see there is no planetary alignment falling on Japan. So putting those together one can see the likelihood of a strong event likely in your area. In China, where we do have planetary alignment, we do not have a strong event probability so overall it cannot rise to high magnitude levels. Time will tell. Be Safe, Be Good, Nobody is perfect, we all can make mistakes in predictions and be aware of our disclaimer.

The map above shows the regions of stronger planetary alignment projections.
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