Friday, November 27, 2015

The Stars Today

Today is Friday, 27th November 2015. if we look up, the planets of interest considering the earth as the centre, (Geocentric View) are shown in the figure below. The key aspect of our days lasting to December 5th is the SQUARE of NEPTUNE with SATURN. This is causing consistent bad weather such as heavy rains and rough seas in many parts of the world. So irrespective of earthquakes be careful until at least early December.
Looking at the skies had we had the pleasure of being at the SUN, (;-)) ....the chart below shows what the sun sees. (Heliocentric View). Key aspect is NEPTUNE -MARS OPPOSITION. Neptune therefore is not in a good mood, whichever way you look at it....;-) lol. It seems to me that November ends with bad weather mainly rather than some massive earthquake..... Be Happy Be Safe Be Good !


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