Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Stars on 30th November 2015

The Stars on 30th November 2015

The end of November is near and as the end of every month is approaching it is wise to look back and do an assessment as to what kind of month it has been. Before we do this the end of this month gives us some fine alignments unique as we can see from the diagram below: There are two major aspects perfecting there. We have two near orthoganal aspects.

These two alignments orthogonal resonate as shown and it is sure some of the energy will be released on earth.
The probable areas are encircled in the map below:

As far as November is concerned, we have had no less than 11 events of magnitude >6.5 ! Two of which were 7.6R (a double). So, it has been a very busy month compared to October where we had only 2 strong events of >6.5R. We will cover December soon.
Be Happy Be Safe Be Good!

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