Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Oklahoma world's No. 1 earthquake area

Jessica Miller | Enid News & Eagle

Oklahoma is now the No. 1 earthquake area in the world, an Oklahoma Corporation Commission spokesman said Monday.

Spokesman Matt Skinner said the state is unique in terms of frequency.

"We have had 15 (earthquakes) in Medford since 5 o'clock Saturday morning," he noted. "We've got an earthquake issue."

Skinner said the world is going through a seismic phase.

"Oklahoma is absolutely unique in terms of the number of earthquakes we've had," he said.

Jim Palmer, OCC director of public information and manager of consumer education, said Oklahoma is unique in North America. He said there are other parts of the world experiencing enormous numbers of earthquakes.

"In North America, Oklahoma is very unique and unique in the world, in the sense that it's concentrated so much in just one area," Palmer said.

There is a tendency to make it an oil and gas versus earthquakes versus "whatever issue," Skinner told members of Enid Rotary Club.
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