Friday, November 20, 2015

Lefkada moved 36cm!

Lefkada moved 36 cm !

The scientific evidence come to light on the recent earthquake in Lefkada hide surprises even the experts:
As appears from the measurements made by researchers at the National Observatory 
of Athens using advanced instruments, the island after the killer earthquake 
of 6.4 Richter shifted by 36 centimeters to the south, a most impressive size 
compared with the usual data ...
At the same time, satellite images show that in addition to horizontal displacement, 
in some places of Lefkada the earth's crust has undergone vertical deformation even 
reach to the 20 cm, when their precipitations in Athens after the 1999 Athens 
earthquake did not exceed the 9 cm ...
Satellite images have shown us serious precipitation several centimeters in western 
Lefkada , which in some places is more than 20 cm in the direction of the 
satellite - Earth.
1,000 aftershocks!
It should be noted that after the 6.4 Richter last Tuesday followed up to late 
last night about 1,000 aftershocks , of which were analyzed from the Geodynamic 
Institute of Athens just 135 due to lack of staff. On this basis, the aftershock 
activity seems to evolve smoothly and is limited to the island of Lefkada from 
Tsoukalades village and southern and northern Kefalonia.
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