Friday, November 27, 2015

Four hundred women victimized during quake

Nov 27, 2015- As many as 400 cases of violence against women were registered during April 25 earthquake, according to Women Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC Nepal). 

Most of the victimized women were learnt to be those residing in the temporary shelters following the quake, reveals the organization working against violence against women (VAW). 

“These were the registered cases of VAW. We believe that there are many such incidents yet to come to light,” shared Jaya Luitel, Treasurer of WOREC. 

A report ‘Anweshi’ unveiled by WOREC on the sidelines of 16 days of activism against gender violence states that the highest cases of VAW was recorded in various districts of Terai which amounts to 82.3 per cent. 

Second to Terai, Mountainous region recorded 13 per cent of VAW cases. Similarly, VAW cases are negligible in Hilly region standing at 0.2 per cent. 

“This does not translate to absence of VAW in the Hilly region,” said Treasurer Luitel, arguing that many women in this region were still unaware about the forms of VAW and thus are not making them public. 

Likewise, Manu Humagain, Acting Chairperson of National Women Commission, shared that 16-days of campaign against VAW was observed worldwide to prevent VAW and help them get justice. 

More than 40 women organizations are joining this cause, it is said.
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