Friday, October 23, 2015

Strong Earthquake >6R on 29th October is Predicted

As the month of October approaches its close, it seems it has a lot of steam left . It seems to us that on the 29th October we will a significant earthquake coming. Instead of just giving a date and a figure we try to explain as much as possible what indications we have. We present below an animation we created for you showing what is going on on the sky on the 29th. We see Mercury and the Earth are tornmented! One situation is that Uranus-Earth-Mercury aligned,  and Earth-Venus-Mars. Then we have the Sun-Mercury-Mars alignment which unbalances Mercury. I expect this to affect the earth and therefore to have a strong quake here on our mother earth on 29th October give or take. To add to this explanation is also the fact that we have predicted via the monthly global calendar a strong earthquake on 28th October We will see if we were right, just keep it in mind. Hope this helps and finally just to add Be Safe, Be Good!

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