Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Scorpions! The Stars Today!

Zero degree Scorpio, wao! Today the sun enters scorpio, a most pronounced position supplying those people the most intense Scorpio characteristics. I know my untie is one, I dont want to be her enemy! lol. Water sign and yes we got terrential rain and flooding as one may expect on zero degree Scorpio! So Happy Birthday Scorpios just dont forget to smile. OK, now lets see the planets of today and get a feel of what it is in store, with the aid of this chart. Right now the moon is opposite this Jupiter Venus conjunction which has been with us for a few days. Mars running a bit ahead, is still opposite Chiron, so, the oppositions are very much with us today. Uranus also is semisextile to Chiron giving imbalance to the opposition. Worth pointing out tomorrow the Moon will conjunct South Node, which may mean some more pronounced earthquakes than we will have today. So for now thats all guys and girls keep smiling Scorpios even when you have some annoying aspects. Be Safe Be Good!
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